HKS 14週年叮叮盃 (Updated COF)

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HKSHOOTERS 主辦       Alpha Airsoft 全力贊助

比賽日期 Match day: 1 Oct 2023 (SUN)

比賽地點 Venue:

HKSHOOTERS:新蒲崗 景福街 超達工業大廈 1/F A&D室

Rm A&D, 1/F, Chiu Tat Factory Building, King Fuk Street, San Po Kong

Total Stage:7 Stages


比賽時間 Sessions:

第一時段 1st session:09:30-13:30

第二時段 2nd session:14:00-18:00

** 於上次比賽報名後不出席者, 會被安排進入後補區 **
** no show shooters in the last match will be placed in waiting list **

組別獎項 Awards: 

Open (Overall, Master, A, B, C Class, Lady, Senior, Junior, Super Junior)
Standard (Overall, Master, A, B, C Class, Lady, Senior, Junior, Super Junior)
Production (Overall)
Production Optics (Overall)
Classic (Overall)
Beginner  ( Qualified in / after Jul 2023 by HKS )

😍😍😍😍😍 以上各組別冠軍 😍😍😍😍😍
🤩🤩均贏得 Alpha Airsoft  贊助 $300現金券 🤩🤩

** 頒獎禮於比賽後隨即舉行 Award Ceremony after the Match **

2023年 7、8、9月 HKS新班畢業同學可免比賽費報新手組別

Jul 2023 to Sep 2023 graduates are eligible to join as Beginners, please put your graduation date in “Remark”

每個組別有三位或以上參賽者會頒發冠亞季軍, 兩位參賽者只頒冠軍
Champion, 1st place and 2nd place awards will be given to each class if there are 3 or more shooters; only champion will be awarded for classes with 2 shooters.

「HKS CS RECORD」只會用於本會會內賽, 所有紀錄將不會於總會之「HKAPSC CS RECORD」更新。 敬請所有會員注意
“HKS CS RECORD” is for HKSHOOTERS internal record only, which will not be recorded in “HKAPSC CS RECORD

* 比賽射手必須於比賽時間開始前15分鐘到達指定集合地點報到
All signed-up shooters are required to check-in at the designated venue at least 15 minutes before the match starting time

** 大會將保留一切解釋的權利 
HKSHOOTERS reserves all rights of interpretations.

截止報名日期為 Deadline: 27 Sep 2023